…in which segments can we still grow?

Growth is important for any business. Depending on the phase in which the company finds itself, the sales costs and efforts will be larger or smaller. The pressure to realise more sales or increased business potential is huge, especially during the start-up and scale-up phase of a product or service. But this pressure will also be there in later stages (that is to say, nearly always).

How well do I know my target group?

Knowing your target group is the ultimate goal of everyone responsible for marketing, sales, and business operations. But before you get to know your target group, you will need to know where to find them. Only when you know which companies may provide sales potential, you can start collecting relevant data on or from these companies. And only then, you will know whether gathering this specific data is worth the costs and effort, meaning that you focus your marketing and sales efforts on these prospects.

How sound is my CRM?

Various surveys and tests indicate that, with B2B companies, their databases lack a sound view of 25% of their target group, on average. 60% of the companies even have less than half of their target group properly identified. This means that a substantial part of the growth potential remains untapped. Benchmarking and matching your CRM ensures that you will not miss out on your ‘best-fit’ rospects, the perfect clients. Just consider what this would mean for your business and sales opportunities for the rest of the year.

Target group analysis and selection

Every marketing & sales plan starts with a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the target group. Having the right basic data and selection criteria is crucial for the outcome. Skondras can give insight into your potential market.