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Sales talents

At Skondras, we make sure that starting sales talents will get to know the profession of sales as intense as being pragmatic. We take care of this by combining training, practical experience and coaching by professionals from different disciplines within sales.

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Why should you hire sales specialists?

Of course, as a company, you want to have your own sales team because they are the core of the commerce of your company. However, there are always reasons or situations that require a different approach:

Temporary capacity at scarcity
You don’t want to overload your own sales, for example, during the introduction of a new product
More flexibility while working with your sales capacity
You are in need for temporarily sales people or you want to keep control over the costs of sale
You want to be sure of controlled influx of new sales
You don’t have specific expertise in recruitment & selection of sales profiles



A flexible and cost-effective option

Hiring candidates on a secondment basis relieves you and your company from the burden of employer obligations and financial risks. Your company is able to react on circumstances without having to hire new personnel, this makes you flexible.

Secondment is increasingly recognised as valuable for both employee and organizational development. It can range from short-term placements, perhaps on a part-time basis, up to several years for longer-term secondments depending on organisational policies.
Companies can trust the expertise of Skondras Talent Recruiters.

We pay attention to the work attitude, mentally and cultural background of a candidate just as much as we do to the candidate’s professional skills.

USPs for hiring sales professionals at Skondras:

We have inside sales professionals working at our own sales department and we employ outside sales professionals also. Fair chance the sales employee you are looking for is already working at our firm. These professionals are trained for several industries and they are willing to work for other organizations.

At Skondras we hire sales graduates and train them in our Sales Academy. We transform these students into professional sales. They like to work in an inside sales position and others want to start working as an account manager.

Over the years Skondras built a huge database and network.

We are a sales organization ourselves. We really know sales and deal with sales people on a daily basis. Therefore we know which professional is most likely going to be successful at your company.

Coaching & training

Coaching and Training

At Skondras we believe in the unlimited potential of people.

We are very capable to unlock this potential by means of our advanced coaching and training methodology, which goes much deeper than just learning some new sales tricks or suppressing behaviour which are not liked in a sales environment.

Most training and coaching programmes are fun and interesting to follow for the participants, but once the training is over, people tend to do business as usual. They are not able to integrate the training material into their day-to-day sales activities.

The key USP for our coaching and training programme is that it results in a permanent change of sales behaviour. We coach & train along with delivering additional support such as qualitive leads for the sales to work on and to improve their skills on.

In that way we ensure that you get an excellent return on investment.

Sales Academy

The market for account management and sales changes in many ways.

Your customers are becoming more accustomed to online/phone contact

A growing group of young(er) employees is no longer motivated to drive through the country all day

Sales Development Reps, inside sales and outbound commercial employees will become more mature and more vital functions within companies.

With the United States as an example the number of phone/online closed deals is increasing.
In addition to interaction by phone and face-to-face contact building business relationships requires more social and digital skills.

You must set up your sales organization according to this new way of working. Online, inbound marketing, CRM, co-browsing, social selling, digital signing, GDPR/AVG are all important aspects to consider in order to align these functions properly.

What is the relationship between inside sales and marketing activities? And which management position is the most logical alternative to take control over such an Inside Sales function? Skondras has the best practices and can use these to advise you to organize your sales & marketing in such a way that these, often young(er) professionals function in an optimal way.