Capitalize on your growth ambitions! Turn sales stress into business growth

Take your sales to the next level with Sales Outsourcing from Skondras. Using an integrated marketing and sales approach, we turn your sales team into a better sales machine.

We don’t need to remind anyone about the importance of business growth. Yet we still find teams are too busy to create new opportunities for growing their business, because they often prefer to focus first and foremost on existing customers.


Outsource all -or part of- your customer service to us. Your advantage? Scale up or down your resources, just when you need it. We are able to assist in multiple languages. What activities may we perform for you?


Whatever your ambitions may be, without a strategic plan you will get nowhere. Then this plan must also lead to real action and results that improve your sales performance every day. How do you go about that?


Are you looking for experienced sales staff, but don’t have the time and resources to recruit the right specialist for your business? We do! As sales recruitment consultants, we have everything in-house to ensure the perfect match.

We optimize your sales process

If you want to get results from sales, then all steps in the sales process must be executed properly. Skondras can support you in every step of the sales process.

Lead generation, closing and customer care are the most common stumbling blocks. Is this also the case for you? We can solve this for you.

Growth through Sales Outsourcing

  • Struggling to generate quality leads?
  • Are your leads not being converted into paying customers?
  • Are complex sales processes standing in the way of sales growth?
  • Are marketing and sales not aligned in the best possible way?
  • Are you struggling to achieve business growth?
  • Is finding the right people for your team a challenge?
Benefit from the knowledge of our Sales Professionals, with experience in more than 40 sectors. We see the collaboration with our clients as a partnership. Find out how clients experience our services.

Our Sales Outsourcing services

Advice on everyday sales processes.
Support with sales and marketing activities.
Recruitment & selection of promising sales talent.

Our reference cases

In over 20 years we have helped more than 7000 clients achieve their growth ambitions. Are you next?

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