About skondras

Skondras is the European sales outsourcing company, with consulting, talent recruitment and sales contact & support services. We manage or support sales operations from our customers mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the U.K. and France.

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We are Skondras

We support our clients to outsource their sales operation – regardless whether it’s the entire or only part of their sales, for the long or for the short term. 

As a European player, we support large, international organizations as well as smaller national players to fulfil their growth ambition.

Our customers are companies with serious growth ambitions and the desire to keep growing. Skondras is the specialist in the optimization of sales processes. We are very experienced in achieving a pragmatic and accelerating betterment in the output of your sales organization.

Working together with Skondras starts with a pragmatic plan that achieves more result and a positive turnover in the short term.

Definition Sales outsourcing

SALES OUTSOURCING is the way for companies to simplify complex sales dynamics, by using a third party for building flexible sales capacity and sales capability. All, with the purpose to accelerate sales transformation, sales performance, and sales continuity. 

Sales outsourcing is based on the belief that every company should do what they’re best at. For companies, it’s running their core business focused on providing products and services. For sales outsourcing companies, it’s building and running executing sales organizations.

A company typically uses sales outsourcing to minimize sales stress and improve short and long-term growth. The sales outsourcing company and the internal sales organization closely align and co-operate on the base of trust a client partnership.

History Skondras

Skondras was founded by Stijn Skondras in 2001. 
In due time, the company has developed to a specialist in all aspects of sales support you can think of.

Nowadays we can conclude that Stijn created an organization that can offer the contribution of 250 professionals, each with their specific qualities to support customers in different countries.

Together with you, Stijn and his team will focus on simplifying your sales while minimalizing your stress.

Team Skondras Belgium

Lina Grigioni

Sales Directory

Stijn Skondras

CEO Skondras

Team Skondras The Netherlands

Yarmilla Koenders

General Manager

Olivier Arnolds

Sales Directory

Willem Plandsoen

Senior Consultant

Skondras offices


Kempische Steenweg 555

Phone: +32 (0)11 28 60 20
E-mail: info@skondras.be

The Netherlands

Suikersilo Oost 32
1165 MS Halfweg
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 449 94 00
E-mail: info@skondras.nl


Skondras England
Phone: +44-2034814607


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Amsterdam : +31-204499400
London : +44-2034814607

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