Customer Service

Outsource all -or part of- your customer service to us. Your advantage? Scale up or down your resources, just when you need it. We are able to assist in multiple languages. 

How can we help?

  • Helpdesk, including technical support
  • Collection services
  • Complaint handling and customer retention
  • Welcome and update calls
  • Crisis management
  • Taking and tracking orders

Our services

What activities may we perform for you?


Our customer advisors handle incoming calls and messages, assist customers by phone, email or chat, offer a solution or, if necessary, refer them to a specialist. By the way, offering second-line customer service is no problem for us.

Technical Support

Does your product fail and does your customer ask for help? Or does your customer need help to use your product? Our advisors will assist your customers and offer a solution. Or we send one of your technical colleagues on site to solve the problem.

Collection services

Your customers do not pay on time or even not at all? Then we can call them and demand that they still pay the outstanding invoices.

Regain customer trust

Customers leave for various reasons. Our customer advisors have the commercial skills to understand the reasons for leaving and offer a solution that could convince a customer to stay.

Treatment of complaints

Customer retention We are originally an outbound service provider, so commercialism is in our genes. We do customer retention like no other. We are happy to show you the results we achieve for other customers.

Satisfaction Surveys
Welcome and intermediate calls

Loyal customers are invaluable. We call your customers to let them know that you are very happy that they are a customer. The advantage is that you also learn more about the current situation and that you can cross-sell and upsell. We advise you to call loyal customers with a nice gift. Experience shows that this produces very good results.

Crisis management

For example, think of the sudden recall of products

Taking and tracking orders

Inhouse and remote

In addition to outsourcing customer service, you can hire customer service employees to strengthen the commercial team at your office.

From Hasselt and Amsterdam we work for the Belgian, Dutch, German, French and English markets. From Valencia and Belgrade we also operate on the Italian and Eastern European markets. Our employees are native speakers, well-trained and steadfast.

We support employees and have set up our systems in such a way that good quality control is guaranteed. Skondras thus unburdens you in a service that is becoming increasingly distinctive for many companies. Do you also want to experience what that feels like?

Customer cases

For the insurance company SFAM, Skondras was responsible for answering all customer questions.

AXA had made a change to one of their products. Skondras was called in to facilitate customers with any questions they had that were related to the product change. 

Imagine you want to fill up at a gas station and your fuel card doesn’t work. For Lukoil, we answered first line support calls and helped their customers on their way.

For energy company Poweronline (Mega), Skondras is responsible for e-mail and phone support of existing customers who want to use the conditions of a group purchase.

Brainstorm with one of our experts

Do you want to take your support team to the next level, but you are not sure what you are looking for yet? We are happy to work with you to come up with ideas in a no obligation brainstorming session.

These are the advantages:
 Customer service advice from an experienced advisor
 Insight into what other leaders in the sector are doing
 An honest opinion