Inside Sales & Business Development

Need support in the field of Inside Sales & Business Development? We take your sales and marketing team to the next level.

A solution for every sales question

Need support in the field of Inside Sales & Business Development? We take your sales and marketing team to the next level. Skondras is your reliable partner for professional sales advice and the ensuing execution of it. We turn advice and plans into daily support for and improvements to your sales activities. We have a suitable solution for any sales issue.

Difficulty generating quality leads?
 In need of more efficient sales processes?
 Need help creating sustainable growth opportunities?

Inside sales

Inside sales is a profession in itself. An Inside Sales Professional is the link between sales and marketing, and must therefore be an expert in both professional fields. Often channels do produce leads, but these turn out to be lacking in quality for the sales team, which is why they opt out. Skondras has proven unique skills in this area across several markets. We make sure that your sales pipeline is filled with high-quality opportunities that are likely to convert.

We support you in the areas of:
Identifying the market
 Lead qualification
 B2B lead generation
Turnover growth

Business Development

We don’t need to remind anyone about the importance of business growth. Yet we still often find teams are too busy to create new opportunities for growing their business. This makes sense, because they often prefer to focus first and foremost on existing customers. But it can also mean wasted opportunities! Skondras supports many organizations in the field of Business Development. This means that in addition to Inside sales, we also offer support in other areas.

For example:
 Target group determination & market data
 Social selling
 Field sales

We approach new target groups in new markets and test product-market combinations. The aim is to create opportunities for the sustainable growth of your company.

We help you..
 Attract new customers
 Refine new products or services
 Explore new markets

Project examples

We have already supported these companies with our Inside Sales & Business Development services.

We have been working together with Barracuda for 7 years, carrying out their inside sales activities for the Benelux market. As we like to say, we are the ‘eyes and ears’ in the market and make sure that the account management team at Barracuda gets to sit around the table with the right parties at the right time. See [the video here] by Judah van Wees, Marketing manager at Barracuda.

We have been the small & medium market sales team for BP Europe for 6 years now. Through inbound and outbound support, with sales over the phone, online and on the road, we deliver a daily flow of new business customers that form an important engine for BP’s growth in the Benelux.

Brainstorm with one of our experts

Do you want to take your sales team to the next level, but you are not sure what you are looking for yet? We are happy to work with you to come up with ideas in a no obligation brainstorming session.

These are the advantages:
Sales advice from an experienced advisor
Insight into what other leaders in the sector are doing
An honest opinion