Our vision on modern B2B sales

In a modern sales operation, marketing must be seamlessly integrated with sales. Not the well-known silos, but in a harmonious collaboration where marketing is at the service of sales – it is one process in which all activities contribute to scalable and predictable turnover.

An integrated marketing & sales organization

There are blueprints and best practices that explain how you should set up a modern integrated marketing & sales organization today. The goal? Achieve your sales targets with as little effort as possible.
Everyone can learn from the frontrunners in B2B sales and the way in which they successfully and predictably achieve their turnover. These best practices and blueprints form the foundation for the working method for Skondras.

Achieving predictable growth in new business

The core element in today’s best-in-class marketing & sales organization is this highly integrated triangle:

Digital marketing
 Marketing intelligence (data)
 Inside Sales

We can see that the Inside Sales department has been implemented in 10% of all companies that do something about B2B marketing & sales. This is a trend. This triangle is capable of delivering a predictable number of leads – the foundation for predictable growth in new business.

Turnover growth through Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing is also about outsourcing. Sales Outsourcing means outsourcing all or parts of this integrated marketing and sales operation, because you, as a client, do not want or are unable to perform certain parts of this operation due to a lack of particular expertise and woman/manpower.
With expertise and experience, Skondras offers a focus or specific growth objectives. You may also need temporary support to accelerate the realization of a specific turnover target or to acquire certain expertise and skills. That, too, is Sales Outsourcing.
Sales Outsourcing is all about taking the burden off your shoulders. You delegate certain sales and marketing activities, whereby an external team takes over the full implementation, and you, as the client, only need to spend time on the management and monitoring.

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We work together with our clients to build these kinds of modern, highly integrated human marketing and sales organizations, where we jointly work with tremendous passion to generate predictable, scalable turnover.
Do you also want to know what the elements are that form a successful, modern B2B marketing & sales organization? And how do you set these up in a practical way, step by step? Please leave your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.