Sales outsourcing

Why build performing sales organizations from scratch?

Driving market leadership takes focus from your executive team and significant investment of time and resources. With Skondras sales outsourcing services we help you what you do best. We help you build performing sales organizations, where strategy meets execution, making your business a sales-driven business, improving the lives of sales management, minimizing stress, and embracing opportunity.

Skondras Sales Atomium

Sales outsourcing services

Our “Sales: Consider it done” vision is supported by our sales outsourcing services, which are:

We’ve designed our sales outsourcing in such a way that we are able to “transform sales stress into sales performance,” building sales growth in months—not years. We make an assessment of your sales maturity, build a plan for the mid and long term, and look where to move fast and get quick wins. 

Sales Consulting

Many sales organizations operate on a day-to-day base. That’s not bad but it turns out that this daily routine leaves less space for reflection, renewal or optimization.

We do not only advise on a strategic level but also at all levels below, such as tactical and operational level. Therefore, you will not be stuck with bulky reports and unconcreted plans. We translate our strategic advice into day-to-day practice.
Skondras is the partner with a focus on sales for many large and small organizations. It’s not unusual that our pragmatic advice turns out to be a basis for innovation. Our broad knowledge of the market and day-to-day experience translate into ‘best practices’ that we use as a blueprint for your sales organization in order to optimize quickly and pragmatically.
Our sales consulting services provide: 

Skondras Sales Methodology

Sales Contact & Support

Skondras has started and grown its business in telemarketing & call centre activities. These services are now part of what we call ‘sales contact & support’. It covers all practical output of objectives determined in your sales & marketing strategy. 
Our sales contact & support services are

Sales Talents

At Skondras, we make sure that starting sales talents will get to know the profession of sales as intense as being pragmatic.

We take care of this by combining training, practical experience and coaching by professionals from different disciplines within sales.