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Sales contact & support

Skondras has started and grown its business in telemarketing & call centre activities. These services are now part of what we call ‘sales contact & support’. It covers all practical output of objectives determined in your sales & marketing strategy

Home » Sales outsourcing » Sales contact & support

Sales support

Outbound services

Acquisition by telephone is a profession in itself. Skondras has proven track record in various markets to have the skills for this profession like no other. With longyear experience in B2B lead generation we can support your marketing- & salesteams to achieve your ambitions. The quality of the appointments we provide is very high.

Quality vs. quantity

The ultimate success of successful lead generation aiming on making appointments is a healthy balance between the quality and quantity of leads. We work according the BANT method to make sure both quality and quantity are maximized.

A qualitative lead is a lead that meets pre-agreed criteria

Skondras exclusively works with experienced sales agents who have sufficient experience in both personal and business life. The average age of our sales team is 35 years old. We make sure that our sales agents know what’s going on in a company and how to adept that knowledge in an in-depth conversations with a contact at decision-makers level. In our opinion that is the only way to make you feel confident with the high value of the lead and ensure that the sales are qualified for your account manager.

Customer support

Inbound services

We offer customers various inbound telephone services. These inbound services are often combined with a commercial outbound programme. Just focusing on inbound processes causes commercial opportunities to be underestimated and even neglected.

Why outsource your inbound telecommunication?

It’s cheaper: a firm decrease of overhead costs will be achieved
Professional and efficient
Good quality of registration of incoming calls
91% of the incoming calls can be answered without need of specific knowledge of products

Skondras has an open eye for these opportunities while maintaining a high level of quality when handling your incoming calls. You can think of:

Customer care
Order intake & processing
Technical assistance
Handling of administration
Receptionist services by phone
Aftersales by phone

Marketing support

Marketing support

We support many marketing departments and marketing responsibilities in their need to give extra attention to events, to new clients or to existing clients. Funny as it may seem their own organizations are often too busy to give these processes the correct attention. We are a solid partner that delivers extra help when you need it most.

We can support you and your marketing team in different fields i.e.:

Introduction of new products
Qualifying website leads
Updating your CRM/Prospect database
Welcoming new clients
Invitations to events
Customer Satisfaction surveys
Market Research
After sales calls