Generating new sales, attracting new clients, and keeping up with the competition is sometimes easier said than done, but there’s no reason to despair. As one of today’s leading sales recruitment firms, Skondras is here to offer some tips to help ensure you recruit the very best sales force team.

You can implement key strategies to help you highlight the best talent from the rest. Some of the most important characteristics to look for in new sales reps include:

  • Coachability:

Learning from mistakes and committing to doing better in the future is a key characteristic of a great sales rep. It’s important that any member of your sales team is open to learning, so be sure to choose team members that can take constructive criticism and use it to improve their skills in the workplace.


  • Strategic Skills:

This skillset goes beyond simply being able to sell products and negotiate sales with clients. Strategic skills are focused more on consulting with team members and implementing things like partner selling solutions, as well as creating alliances with businesses and industry influencers.


  • Self-Awareness:

If potential sales reps can’t walk you through their past experiences and outline why they succeeded and became a top-performer when compared to others, it might not be a good fit for your team. Great sales reps should have the awareness to identify what they did that truly made them stand out.


  • High Emotional Quotient:

In sales, having both strategic skills as well as emotional ways to connect with buyers is key, as studies show, most sales are actually based on emotional responses in tandem with a product or service. It’s important to hire reps that really listen to potential customers and understand their needs from both a sales perspective and an emotional one.


  • Lack of Self-Consciousness:

It’s important not to hire a sales rep that can’t go into a meeting without breaking a sweat. The best sales reps are outgoing and aren’t afraid to both empathize with clients as well as capitalize on opportunities without being afraid or wary of the outcome.

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