Sales Talents & Recruitment

Do you need an experienced sales employee, but you don’t have the time and resources to recruit the right specialist for you? We do! As sales recruitment consultants, we have everything in-house to ensure the perfect match. We have a large network of professionals, but we also train sales talent ourselves. In short: whatever your recruitment issue is, we will develop a suitable growth strategy.

What type of sales talent are you looking for?

 Account manager (field service)
 Inside Sales employee
 Sales manager
 Key account manager
 Enterprise account manager
 New business manager
Sales development reps
Sales hunter
Sales director

Our Sales Talents & Recruitment services

Together, depending on your requirements, we will choose the most suitable basis on which to start working for you. We support you in the area of…

 Recruitment and selection


Do you need temporary support due to a busy period, illness or maternity leave? We will make sure that the position is filled by a highly skilled sales professional in time. The sales employee is on Skondras’ payroll and will work for you for a minimum period of nine months.

 Extra support during busy times
 A business agreement instead of an employment contract
 A clear all-inclusive fee
No personnel
No costs in case of illness


After this nine-month period, you have the opportunity to hire the sales talent on a permanent basis. This form of secondment is less risky for employers. The costs for recruitment and selection are lower, and you have more time to assess whether the candidate really fits your organization.

 Less risk for the employer
 More time to assess the candidate
Lower recruitment and selection costs
More flexibility

Recruitment and selection

Outsource the entire sales recruitment process. We recruit and select the best sales talent based on our extensive network and years of experience in the market. We introduce you to the two most suitable candidates. You decide whether you approve one of these two candidates.

Sales Academy

We train sales talent ourselves within the Skondras Sales Academy. Digital developments are rapidly changing the playing field. We are then also helping professionals to grow within the field with new sales skills and modern sales techniques. For example: social selling, inbound marketing and digital signing. Keeping up is crucial, but leading the way is even better! 

Sales Academy

Project examples

We have already established these matches with our Sales Talents & Recruitment services.

A European retail chain was looking for eight Brand Ambassadors and Sales Hunters in five countries. We were able to deliver a full team in two weeks on the strength of our current network of sales professionals.

An IT hosting party was looking for a Sales Development Representative and a Marketing Coordinator. We supplied two candidates for both positions within three weeks who were also subsequently hired.

An IT security specialist had already been looking for a year for an experienced sales person. We found three relevant candidates within three weeks.

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