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Sales consulting

Advise on a strategic level, tactical and operational level

Many sales organizations operate on a day-to-day base. That’s not bad but it turns out that this daily routine leaves less space for reflection, renewal or optimization.

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Consulting services

We do not only advise on a strategic level but also at all levels below, such as tactical and operational level. Therefore, you will not be stuck with bulky reports and unconcreted plans. We translate our strategic advice into day-to-day practice.
Skondras is the partner with a focus on sales for many large and small organizations. It’s not unusual that our pragmatic advice turns out to be a basis for innovation. Our broad knowledge of the market and day-to-day experience translate into ‘best practices’ that we use as a blueprint for your sales organization in order to optimize quickly and pragmatically.
Our sales consulting services provide: 

Skondras Sales Atomium

Sales messaging

Every organization has a set of features that makes this organization unique. It is not always easy to communicate these unique features and the available knowledge in the best way possible.

Messaging workshops help you to communicate a commercial message clearly and provide a direction and structure for your sales organization.

For instance, you can think of:
Brand messaging
Thought leadership messaging
Product messaging
Target group messaging

Usually our clients start with two or three workshops to get the core message of the company clearer.

Data analytics & market intelligence

Data analytics & market intelligence is a must

Sales has been considerably changed over the past decades by the digital economy. More and more data is available. However, this is not necessarily positive as sales organizations need to filter to the right data. The selection of relevant data becomes increasingly important. Sales organizations need to innovate and transform to work with this change. Their ability to adopt this change will determine their success or failure.

In Skondras we believe data intelligence and market intelligence is crucial to the success of the (sales) organization. Zooming in on the existing data and pinpointing the best-fit target groups within the relevant companies is a vital step in the future success of every sales department.

Too often sales leaders still rely on gut instinct to identify behavior that drives sales productivity and makes account coverage decisions. We see:

Sales departments working on incomplete data in CRM systems
Sales calling on old lists that they gathered over the years
Sales people working on gut feeling rather than actual knowledge
A lack of insight in the best fit target groups within the large lake of data of companies

Advanced analytics is revolutionizing the understanding of how to match the right people to the right deals. The most data-savvy sales organizations are combining sales, customer, and market data to understand the intrinsic attributes and behaviour that are statistically correlated with distinctive sales performance.
We help sales organizations innovate on the vital basis of their sales operation.

We advise and we deliver high end prospect data

Sales organization & process methodology

We at Skondras believe that making sales simple can be done

Just like a good building, your sales organization needs to be built with a solid foundation and with the right framework that obey laws of sales “physics”
The organization of a modern best-in-class sales organization is also built on certain principles that is the foundation of making sales simple and easy flowing.
Sales as a science, a science that makes your sales simple, easy executable with a turn over that becomes predictable.

You have to see such an organization and then you will see why sales can be so simple. And perhaps you discover why your sales wasn’t running smoothly for years.

We at Skondras believe that making sales simple can be done. We can therefore easily co-create the design of your sales organization that is built on laws that govern easy flowing sales.

Working with our blue prints, setting up this design is easy, and we normally are able to do this in a maximum two workshops of half a day.
The art, of course, is in then implementing this new organization in your organization.

Normally we combine this with setting up the process of sales actions. Like everything in life sales has a rhythm, which determines the right sequence of the right activities. The sales processes.

Again we have the blue-prints of which processes work in renowned organizations.

There is no one size fits all, the clue therefore is to transfer these blue prints to what is possible in your organization, in the life cycle where you are at.
Together with Skondras, you are able to do this smoothly.