LinkedIn Lead Generation Solutions – Corona crisis

How do you experience this new reality?

Fortunately, many companies also look carefully at how to proceed as soon as it is possible  again. Skondras helps to optimize your sales, even during this crisis.

Below you will find some examples of how we can support you at a low cost in order to be well  prepared for maximum performance as soon as it is possible after this crisis.

We would like to discuss with you how our support can help you and contribute to more income in the current situation.

Please feel free to plan a free consultation with one of our specialists by phone, zoom or a skype call.

Product solutions

1. Adding addresses and contact details to your first-degree LinkedIn connections

People who work in sales tend to have a pretty good list of first-degree network contacts. But getting in touch with them quickly can be a hassle. Of course, you can send a message, but sometimes you want more direct contact. Skondras will help you export your contact list and then group that list into two categories: relevant leads and contacts that you don’t want to pursue for now. All relevant contacts will then have their current company details added. This way, you can activate your target group quickly and effectively.

Fee from: €350

2. Send one-to-one LinkedIn messages to your LinkedIn contacts

Social selling works, but is a lot of work, too. You are constantly busy with keeping that sales operation going. To assist, we can send personal LinkedIn messages from your account, matched to your tone of voice and what you offer.

Fee: €450 per 1,000 contacts

3. Export and add to selected LinkedIn lists outside your own network

With our method, we can help you select relevant target groups (either with or without Sales Navigator), export them and add all important company details.

Fee from: €650 per 1,000 contacts

4. Target group contacts and email addresses

Using an international platform, we can deliver a selection of companies and contact persons. You can then approach them with a targeted email campaign.

Fee: €575 per 1,000 contacts, €250 for setting up and delivering an email campaign

5. Cold and warm calls to LinkedIn contacts

At the end of the day, you want definite appointments with prospects that hold the potential of winning new business. Skondras has 25 years of experience in calls with decisionmakers, making us the perfect partner for supporting you in this. We can help you activate your own network to make meaningful arrangements with new and existing business contacts.

Fee from: €4,750

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