Offering strong products is not enough to be successful – Skondras

Companies see sales as part of their core business. Skondras agrees that it is, but the reality is often different. Despite their good intentions, most companies are still working on improving and delivering products or services. They are not focusing on their sales.

Goals are linked to sales terms such as generating leads, cross- and up-selling, customer retention whereas these goals are seldom achieved. This results in continuous stress.

We believe that everyone has to do what they do best. For companies, this means developing and delivering products and services. For Skondras, it means selling your products and services and reducing your stress. The right flexible sales method, expert sales specialists, and creating the right moment and intensity ensure successful sales.

Top-class sales talents make all the difference

Innovations in sales are developing rapidly. Think of data intelligence and machine learning. These innovations need just one thing that makes all the difference: sales talents.

It is people that use the innovations and they lead to success.
A report prepared by McKinsey confirms our statement. Companies with the proper sales profile at the right place are more successful than others. Even so, just hiring sales talents is not enough. They need constant on-the-job training. They will remember and use 65% of what they learn on the job while this is just 10% to 32 % of what is learned during regular training sessions or schooling. Many companies are struggling with this.
Our “Sales. Consider it Done” method is a partner solution whereby Skondras always uses the best suitable sales methods, at the right moment and with the best intensity. Skondras partners up with the client to constantly achieve the best sales results.

Sales go on 24/7!

Sales don’t know any ‘time off’, unless you cease your activities.
From 1 January to 31 December, your sales support must be optimal. Think of lead generation, cross- and up-selling, customer satisfaction, verifying contact details, enhancing client relationships, improving the product range, making analyses of the market and competitors, adjusting the sales method, sales training…

We wish maximum and optimal sales!

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