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If you consider a cooperation based on shared risks, there are some items to considerate:

If the product would sell itself, you would have no need for an external sales agency. Therefore, hiring a sales consultant is usually the starting point of a cooperation with an external party needed for commercial knowledge and strength. We believe in sharing risks when it comes to selling your product or service to the market. 

No cure, less pay

If you are convinced of the qualities of our organization, we assume that you also agree that we should be entitled to a reasonable fixed fee. Not in the least because you are asking us to approach a target group in a structured manner.

Selling is using the right experience and knowledge to contact the prospect at the right time. This means maintaining contact with the prospect is an essential part of the sales process. Therefore we believe in a payment structure which consists of a reduced hourly rate and a fee per realized result (contract/appointment/lead).

Sales growth in months – not years

Balancing Quality and quantity

Even more important than the amount of leads is the quality of the opportunities created. To us, quality is our central focus. Regardless whether it’s the quality of the conversation or the quality of the lead. A successful campaign is a profitable campaign that ends in a healthy balance between quality and quantity of leads.

More information about no cure, less pay?

We are pleased to offer you our 20 years of experience in B2B telemarketing. Of course, you are invited to contact us for more information about our services.

Minimizing Stress by Simplifying Sales

From strategy to practical implementation

By letting us take over the whole sales process
Decisiveness and focused on your result
Ideal for companies with foreign offices


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